Kaufer DMC

Kaufer DMC is a digital marketing agency for the new millennium. Okay, that sounds cliché, but in this case we promise it’s absolutely true. Kaufer DMC excels at developing branding and marketing strategies that propel their clients above and beyond the visibility stratosphere.

As always, content creation plays a major role for any successful online marketing agency. Kaufer DMC regularly asks Words by a Pro to step in and help out with writing blogs, articles and white papers as needed for their slew of clientele. Kaufer DMC was the first client for whom we were tasked to create white paper content, which we took on as a challenge. With our strong researching experience and journalistic backgrounds, we married the two skills into an efficient service that included interviewing clients for information, learning and understanding the intricacies of new subject matter, and creating refined, targeted copywriting that fit perfectly into a company’s marketing sales funnel.