Greg Hill

Lead Writer, Account Editor

As a Web content writer for the Words by a Pro team, Greg Hill uses his variety of talents to create, inform, and entertain the company’s local and international clientele.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas, Greg was an avid reader from the time he could hold a book on his own. He would often be found with his nose pressed in novels, including ones hidden under his desk in the middle of other lessons (causing him to receive more than one detention, which he found outrageous).

His education included advanced courses of English and language classes that culminated in dual degrees in his other passion, exercise physiology and human nutrition.

With a background in the sciences, Greg understands the value of research backed by evidence and informed by scientific rigor.

“The Internet is changing the way we look at writing,” said Greg. “With all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, we have access to more information than we ever have before. Using legitimate sources and knowing how to find those diamonds in the rough are necessary parts of the process.”

As an experienced wordsmith with a love for the writing process, Greg is eager to bring value to his Words by a Pro clients with his skeptical mind and logical reasoning.

“Being able to collaborate with such a diverse group of clients is incredible experience,” he said. “Working with people and helping them assemble the information that drives our world in a useful way is a great opportunity.”

Greg currently resides in Colorado, where his free time is divided between photographing the mountain wilderness, expanding his green tea palate, and challenging all contenders on the racquetball court.

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