How You Can Expand Your Service Offerings with Minimal Investment

It’s business 101: The more services you have, the more markets you can reach and the more value you can derive from each of your clients.

It sounds great on paper, but in truth, it’s not easy to expand your service offerings. Think about all the effort that goes into offering a new service:

  • conceptualization
  • building the support framework
  • rearranging existing resources
  • integrating it into existing packages
  • marketing
  • vetting/hiring new specialists or burdening existing team with more work
  • guarantee the experience that the service is promising

Hiring new employees has many associated costs.

In-House Means Expense

Launching new services is doable, of course, but it’s also a hassle that requires significant overhead. Think about how many costs are inherent to even the first step of this process—bringing new team members on board. There are recruitment costs, training costs, and costs related to payroll, tax paperwork, and benefits.

When you assess the cost of deploying a new service against its perceived benefit, it’s hard to make the numbers work. In most cases, the inherent costs of launching new services (and the liabilities that come with) prevent businesses from expanding their capabilities.

Outsourcing for Cost-Effective Production

Now, consider how the process works in the context of outsourced services, such as content writing through Words by a Pro. Our in-house writing team takes agency over content production and can handle as much or as little of the process for you, from topic generation and interviews to drafting and publication.

Every aspect of our writing process is streamlined and focused

to produce high-quality material as efficiently as possible.

What this means for you is that the entire content drafting process is consolidated into a single interaction with our team. In essence, you point to where content should be, and our team delivers it. The investment is limited to the cost of outsourcing, freeing up your business from the burden of bringing in new personnel or devising new production workflows.

It’s this combination of cost sustainability and production efficiency that drive the value of outsourced services. With a dedicated team at your back, you can easily expand your service offerings without dedicating the time or resources you’d need to make it happen on your own.

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