Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., Words by a Pro was established by Marek and Melissa Biernacinski as Edited by a Pro in 2010 to fulfill the founders’ inherent need to edit everything in sight. And while the company found success with its editing service, it quickly became apparent that the world needed more than just an affordable editing service. With this realization, Edited by a Pro expanded its services in 2011 to include writing. Consulting and translating (English to Spanish and Spanish to English) followed suit in 2012.

By 2013, Edited by a Pro no longer accurately conveyed the company’s offerings. After careful thought and consideration, Marek and Melissa re-named the company Words by a Pro.

Today, Words by a Pro primarily serves as a scalable outsourced writing and editing department for Web programmers, marketing/public relations firms and SEO companies. Working with clients locally, nationally and internationally, Words by a Pro specializes in writing, editing and topic generation.


Language is mankind’s greatest success. No other invention has done more to transform our species into a thriving civilization than this structured method of communication that transcends both space and time.

To this day, we are guided by such writings as the Bible and Śruti, emboldened by Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” enlightened by the theories of Albert Einstein and entertained by Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” despite the authors’ deaths. The invention of the printing press is regarded as one of the most impactful moments in history, and the Internet brought knowledge on an unprecedented scale. Language, it would seem, has guided our history.

It’s with this understanding that Words by a Pro’s founders, Marek and Melissa Biernacinski, embarked on a mission in 2010 to bring clarity to language in business. With language playing such a pivotal role in everyday life, from carefully negotiated contracts to bedtime stories, the Biernacinskis knew they could provide a powerful service – the ability to help businesses share their vision with their customers.

Today, Words by a Pro helps businesses from around the world craft their messages to reach their target audiences. What was once a two-person duo known as Edited by a Pro has flourished into a team of hand-picked, specialized writers and editors who help our clients develop outstanding written material for their customers. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., Words by a Pro primarily serves as a scalable, outsourced writing and editing department for Web development companies, Web design companies, marketing firms and SEO agencies.

Each day, we’re lucky enough to be able to help people pass their vision and dreams unto the world. It’s what we do. It’s what we love.

Exasperated by the sheer amount of online linguistic indiscretions, Marek and Melissa Biernacinski established Edited by a Pro in 2010 to protect current and future generations from a society that encounters carefully crafted and fastidiously edited text solely in the history books.

Correcting offending grammatical slipups and rogue misspellings at a rate that would impress even the most wizened of Guinness World Records book compilers, the grammarian duo and their clients began seeing things a little more clearly.

It all helped … at first. Their headaches eased up. No more jaw pain from the gnashing of teeth. The little bald spots left behind from pulling their hair out in frustration started growing back in nicely.

And yet, it wasn’t quite enough.

To expand their impact, the Biernacinskis enticed a pack of feral writers to join their Las Vegas-based team, baiting them with caffeine and superlatives. Soon, shoddy online text was getting hit from both sides: cleaning up existing writing while building new content from scratch. Blatant typos and dismal copy had nowhere left to hide.

Renamed Words by a Pro, the company destroyed every pointy-headed instance of lackluster, error-ridden content they could find; fresh, vibrant language flourished in what once was a vast wasteland. Now, they’re poised to take over the world.

Well, maybe not the whole world. Just the world of Web programmers, marketing/public relations firms and SEO companies who recognize that amazing content can make or break a site.

Okay, maybe the whole world. A little bit.

The Pros


Marek Biernacinski

President and CEO

Brevity has always been important in business. But with the advent of the Internet and the evolution of Web-based communication, the written word is, arguably, more important than ever before. That’s why Marek Biernacinski and his wife, Melissa, founded Words by a Pro in 2010.


Melissa Biernacinski


Media and public relations expert Melissa Biernacinski co-founded Words by a Pro with her husband, Marek, in 2010. She serves as a consultant, editor, and brings her expertise to the table where needed.

Greg Hill

Lead Writer, Account Editor

Born to write, Greg spearheads the Words by a Pro writing team. With a background in medicine, Greg is a natural fit for many of our healthcare-related clients, and he heads up several of the company’s largest accounts.

Our Extended Family

Andrew Call

Contributing Writer

A content rock star, Andrew can weave limited information into a tapestry of vivid visuals and captivating sales copy. Andrew’s experience in advertising, manuscript publication, and promotional review has been integral in various marketing efforts.

Anne King

Contributing Editor

A journalist and newsroom editor at heart, Anne helps refine our talented writers into polished, shining stars. Her talents are especially useful for pieces that required witty, humorous writing and for any work requiring AP style editing.

Susan Metzger

Contributing Editor

A five-time published author, Susan contributes to Words by a Pro as a trusted editor of Chicago style. She helps our writers nail the core message and brings focus to the copy, making for concise, on-point marketing messages that spur readers into action.

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